William Jones
William Jones 8 soat oldin
Wagner did not come straight from high school
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin 8 soat oldin
My prediction: Knicks will not make the finals this year.
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin 8 soat oldin
In his autobiography, Shaq admitted he deeply regrets saying a lot of the racist things and disrespectful things to Yao. He said Yao has one of the kindest hearts and despite what Shaq said about Yao, Yao was always kind to Shaq.
hudsoneezy 8 soat oldin
I lost interest when you had to clarify Billions with a B and then refused to acknowledge or comprehend perhaps why the revenue dropped. Why are there 22 million more views 25 years ago .. well there wasn't a pandemic , people had less to worry about, there wasnt a million streaming sites and the lost continues.....
Picket Fence
Picket Fence 8 soat oldin
better than an all star game LOL! How times have changed
dkim side
dkim side 8 soat oldin
never would I have thought mj would just be another player in a story about the 90s bulls
AnotherSKYWALKR 8 soat oldin
Greatest high school team ever. Three lottery picks on one public high school team!
hudsoneezy 8 soat oldin
I'm not gonna lie, getting draft kings and other betting/fantasy sponsorships are incredible ideas. Your audience is filled heavily with younger, impressionable fans who from what I've seen in takes and from nba twitter - just don't know the game. In you stroll with a sponsor to a company who would benefit the most from a surplus of stupid sport fans haha
W for Wavy
W for Wavy 8 soat oldin
obviously kobe
bobibs donald
bobibs donald 8 soat oldin
One time last year my sisters middle school team Only had 3 players so they just threw in a couple 4th graders to be fillers. They beat the the other team 132-0... there were a lot of tears and phone calls and complaints to my dad since he coached her team at the time. My sister is a goated4 foot 5 kid
Joel Bessett
Joel Bessett 8 soat oldin
Harold Green
Harold Green 9 soat oldin
I remember when this happened. LeBron got into Gilbert's head really good.
Noble Son
Noble Son 9 soat oldin
Maybe no one will like this, but karmic debt happens when you win the most games ever, then take Kevin Durant.
smoodgemimi 9 soat oldin
its unfortunate but it is not unfair. thats the game. thats how it works
Lefty 9 soat oldin
Jxmy's Alphabet: abcTefghijklmnopqrsTuvwxyz
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 9 soat oldin
TJ Leaf lol
Meme productions yeet
Meme productions yeet 9 soat oldin
Soooooo Many of these players didn’t watch LeBron play that much soooooo the winner goes to Lemon
Kronostar 9 soat oldin
I didn't know Kobe's dad was in the nba
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman 9 soat oldin
That's 3 NBA players drafted in the top half of the lottery on one team VS NO ONE IN THE NBA...not a shock
Monkey Eggs
Monkey Eggs 9 soat oldin
Poly > Mater Dei
Blurzz Melo
Blurzz Melo 10 soat oldin
it was all karma for Zaza hurting Kawhi
Nickolas Hesson
Nickolas Hesson 10 soat oldin
Derrick Rose is the modern day Grant Hill. The biggest “what if” over the last fifteen years. Such a sad story.
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 10 soat oldin
KD wouldve gone down as the GOAT barring the achilles. Whatever your opinion is no one has ever been as skilled as KD and also at the same time a defensive juggernaut.
TFC Cloudy
TFC Cloudy 10 soat oldin
Where is Bob cousey
Jyun Purok
Jyun Purok 10 soat oldin
but he chokes in the playoff.....he ain't the best player if he keeps choking.
EaglesJake45 10 soat oldin
Love how the bench guys still stayed on the team all year and you just see them in the background🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nickolas Hesson
Nickolas Hesson 10 soat oldin
The "clutch gene" is by far the dumbest thing ever invented by the media
manny 10 soat oldin
8:02 ohh I forgot this was recorded before the injury I was boutta be like what are you talkin about
Nickolas Hesson
Nickolas Hesson 10 soat oldin
"This video is paid for and sponsored by Jalen Rose."
Ben Hallett
Ben Hallett 10 soat oldin
Imagine disliking this lol
Jaiden Thomas
Jaiden Thomas 10 soat oldin
This dude is so talented. Jxmy could take a 10 second concept and make is a 19 minute video, and I’m still here.
Pedro Florentino
Pedro Florentino 10 soat oldin
How would you compare to Patric Ewing's Cambridge Ridge & Latins 100 - 1 record?
Rodzilla 10 soat oldin
Alternative hypothesis: there are FAR more "short" guys in the world than "tall" guys. (Seriously. It's a normal distribution centered on ~5'10" for men). So those short guys need to have a better skill set relative to other short guys than those tall guys do relative to other tall guys. It's that simple.
Pharoah 1
Pharoah 1 10 soat oldin
Stop the hate 😼
Rodzilla 11 soat oldin
4:55 Technically, that number is not so vast, but so miniscule
Cam 11 soat oldin
I feel like I need to say this Yao ain’t got shit on shaq
diypictures 11 soat oldin
How did Vince Carter say Minor would be the next Jordan when by the time he made it to the NBA it was already clear Minor wouldn't be??
Vyz 11 soat oldin
When I think about the GOAT of basketball I think about who I would want to play like, who I would want to watch all day, And who I would not want to go against Obviously this is MJ he is the greatest basketball player of time and that should not be a question anymore. because everytime someone talks about Jordan they bring up offense highlights as if that's all he was good at which offense is only half of the game Jordan is not only the greatest offensive player he is the greatest defensive player of all time. as well the only thing Jordan isn't a Goat in is shooting threes and that's the only thing he chose not to be a goat in so yea MICHAEL JORDAN IS THE GOAT ANYTHING JORDAN WANTS TO BE GOOD AT HE GOT GOOD AT Jordan chose not to shoot 3s that much because he preferred to dunk on anyone who stood in his way. and did that there is No one who is stopping Jordan and there is No one who Jordan can't stop all Jordan needs to win if for you to tell him he can't win then he will automatically win. When I watch Jordan I am always amazed at how someone could watch him play and not see how he is simply too overpowered and overwhelming dominant.
Sh7ncho 11 soat oldin
who's here after the got drafted 3rd and 6th overall?
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen 11 soat oldin
Man, corona, racism, LeBron winning, Kobe dying, Klay injured... 2020 is the year of the devil. It's fitting that LeBron won then.
Oliver Logmao
Oliver Logmao 11 soat oldin
MJ: JxmyHighroller saying Len Bias is my equal, I took offense to that. ✌😂
Oliver Logmao
Oliver Logmao 11 soat oldin
Of all those MJ 'rivals', my idol Isiah is the smallest at 6'1". I bet Isiah never guarded MJ because of the height disadvantage. But hey, your stats showed Isiah and his team beat MJ more than MJ defeated him and the Pistons, so it's a win for my idol. More wins at 6'1" compared to 6'6", 6'4", 6'6" and 6'7".
Seth Moodley
Seth Moodley 11 soat oldin
LeBron is the best
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen 11 soat oldin
Not a Warriors fan, but Klay is a good person and doesn't deserve this. Why don't players who deserve to get injured, never do?
blank odds
blank odds 11 soat oldin
loyal the soil u say, i mean he did soil his pants....😂
Marce1 11 soat oldin
This video simply just told me that MJ ain't even human.
Joey Carlisle
Joey Carlisle 12 soat oldin
"because they work hard" or "because they deserve it" isn't good grounds to complain about pay. I know plenty of people who work way harder/more hours and don't even make half the salary of a WNBA player. Yes, there are a lot NBA players who make more than you, but there are BILLIONS of people who make less than you. The money you make should be based on the revenue you bring in and how much of an asset you are.
MARKMANE 44 12 soat oldin
I never knew this. I got a new respect for the ball Brothers
Julian Chu
Julian Chu 12 soat oldin
TBH should Magic be in tier2 tho? Is he truly that good? If he was in a bad team could he have lead the team to final like Lebron did?
Larvancio Ramos
Larvancio Ramos 12 soat oldin
The first trash talker of all times is mj. Followed by larry. On third shaq is coming.
Léo Etlesbas
Léo Etlesbas 12 soat oldin
Well Russel wasn't Luka's vis a vis in the 1st game
Adam Goodale
Adam Goodale 12 soat oldin
Patrick McCaw has the smartest strategy in basketball history. Now I know who the goat is.
berto 222
berto 222 12 soat oldin
Who’s here after he’s been taken number three overall?
Jayden Feagaiga
Jayden Feagaiga 12 soat oldin
2:44 horse grant is crack up
bella fra
bella fra 12 soat oldin
Greatest ever Freak of Nature
TobiiRaMa 12 soat oldin
jo when that trap sax retired i did not know that jxmy will make a new sound epic
Vinicius !
Vinicius ! 12 soat oldin
Even the translate of yt is saying korea instead curry lol
GetDaMoneyProduction 12 soat oldin
Montverde is better... Especially 2019-20 roster
KaRuTon Jay
KaRuTon Jay 12 soat oldin
This should show you what repeats trips to the finals does to your body and should make LBJ’s run that much more impressive
Sherpa 12 soat oldin
A curse or terrible player load management?
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 12 soat oldin
The greatest comeback in North American sports history was Red Sox coming back from 3-0 in the Alcs
David Damasiewicz
David Damasiewicz 12 soat oldin
somebody ever wondered how MJ only made it 6 times to the nba finals ?
Julius Ashcroft
Julius Ashcroft 13 soat oldin
A shot that, if it _had gone_ in, would have changed....
Ice Raven
Ice Raven 13 soat oldin
Fact is Russell never guarded Luka or iggy booker
beej agpalo
beej agpalo 13 soat oldin
"unfortunately Westbrook out the find this out the hard way" shows a bunch of clips or luka scoring on everyone but westbrook
Sean Ferreira
Sean Ferreira 13 soat oldin
In 2016 I told my friends the patriots would get Antonio Brown in 2020 and then released him after his first game because of legal issues or something and it happened
Johnny Davis jr
Johnny Davis jr 13 soat oldin
I truly agree that statement he was a Constant problem to any Nba defenses
Ron 13 soat oldin
Kevin Johnson felt the best option was to throw the ball behind him that lob to to Chuck. That’s how much respect he had for The Round’s game. 😂
Machiavelli Green
Machiavelli Green 13 soat oldin
Crazy shit old heads say is « Jordan is the goat » that’s just stupid shit
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer 13 soat oldin
Yo jimmy, do an update version of lamelo cuz he’s balling rn
layla aker
layla aker 13 soat oldin
Who’s here after Lamelo went to the Hornets and Onyeka to the Hawks
Luke Webb
Luke Webb 13 soat oldin
Kinda strange how most of these injuries happened after the Warriors moved to San Fran.... maybe it's the curse of San Fran, not Golden State
Bubba Butler
Bubba Butler 13 soat oldin
Best “REGULAR SEASON” player of all time!! In the playoffs he gets locked down by Jae Crowder 😂😂
Iisakki Hillner
Iisakki Hillner 13 soat oldin
Ok but wth is that jumper?
Mayo Hosko
Mayo Hosko 14 soat oldin
Like if you agree. LeBron James isn’t the GOAT, he’s had the greatest ever career. Defensive fouls haven’t increased, egregious fouls have gone up. Hand checking does not decrease points per game, effective and efficient zone defences that space out the floor does. MJ and LBJ were never consistently the most valuable to their teams by comparison to other players on other teams IE Steve Nash over Shaquille O’Neal, they were the player of the year. Player of the year is not the same as the MVP. Best and fairest is not the same as MVP. Everyone’s always making the wrong arguments. These people agree 👇
oct xpez
oct xpez 14 soat oldin
7:45 thats brooklyn
Van Ranque
Van Ranque 14 soat oldin
I'm Here after Stephen introduce "Curry Brand" :) Under Armour will build Statue of Curry for sure.
Liz Almia
Liz Almia 14 soat oldin
Liz Almia
Liz Almia 14 soat oldin
Thanks for the share
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 14 soat oldin
the year the rockets traded for harden i scooped him up with my first pick in fantasy that season and got roasted and made fun of. I never looked back after winning the title.
Erik Bell
Erik Bell 14 soat oldin
Kobe or kawhi my guess